Table Relationships

In this release, Caspio provides the ability to create relationships between Tables to ensure your associated data always remains connected.  The Relationships drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to add new relationships by simply dragging fields from one table to another.

Once Relationships are set at the table-level, you can easily create Views, Forms and Reports that automatically preserve the important associations between all your data.

Caspio supports both one-to-one and one-to-many relationships. When creating one-to-many relationships, you have the option of displaying values from the parent field in the related table’s dropdown.

Additionally, you can protect one-to-many relationships by enforcing Referential Integrity, which prevents orphaned data and keeps all references in sync. Table Relationships can be imported and exported to/from Microsoft Access. 

In addition to Table Relationship joins, Views also support more join types:

  • Inner Join: Default join type which includes only matching records which are present in both Tables.
  • Left Outer Join: Includes all records in Left Table and only matching records in Right Table.
  • Right Outer Join: Includes all records from Right Table and only matching records in Left Table.
  • Full Outer Join: Includes all records in both tables, even if no other matching record exists.

When Relationships are set at the table-level, the field associations and join types will be automatically populated when creating Views and DataPages. Learn more about creating Views.

General, Integer and Currency Number Types

New Number data types were added to support additional numeric formats:

  • General: Default for general numbers up to 15 digits including decimal places.
  • Integer: Integer numbers without decimals, up to 10 digits.
  • Currency: Monetary data, up to 15 digits and 4 decimal places.

The new Number types are configurable in Table Design below the field list.

Learn more about Data Types.

Delete Multiple Records in Datasheet View

It is now possible to delete multiple records at a time in Datasheet view using multi-select checkboxes. You can also easily narrow down unwanted records by applying filters and using the new checkboxes to delete the filtered set.

Image Alt Attributes

Caspio-powered images can now display rollover text using a new Image Alt attribute. Image Alt attributes are helpful when deploying for SEO and Section 508 compliance to support visually impaired individuals using screen readers.

Additional Enhancements and Bug Fixes:

13476 Calendars based on a table with one TimeStamp date field are now supported.
13469 Table Properties screen now displays full folder names for associated DataPages.
13463 Invalid XML file is prohibited during DataPage import.
13436 Reports can now be grouped by Timestamp field and Timestamp fields can be used as a Category in charts.
13411 In Datasheet, “Page down” key is now fully supported on all browsers.
13404 In Destination Page configuration, calculated fields are no longer incorrectly appearing in the field insertion dropdown.
13387 Radio button values with ampersand and apostrophe symbols can now be passed as parameters to the Destination Page URL.
13376 In Datasheet, HTML that contains data with special characters is now handled correctly.
13362 In the Style wizard, users can now adjust the padding for a Field Cells container.
13345 User can now choose any DataPage as the destination after Web Form submit.
13291 In search forms, the Date/Time data type is now allowed in dropdowns for timestamp fields.
13290 Users with DataPage edit and execute permissions can now preview DataPages in Revisions.
13289 In Search forms, TimeStamp fields can now be used as parent dropdown by setting precision to “Date and Time”.
13288 In Search and Report, TimeStamp fields are now correctly validated when configuring dropdown custom values.
13263 API Profile passwords now prohibit quotation marks.
12691 In Results pages, aggregation now works correctly for grouped fields starting or ending with a space.
13097 When exporting to Microsoft Access, the export wizard now includes a warning alert when tables exceed maximum data limits of Access MDB files.
13291 In Search forms, a Date/Time field can now be used as a value in a TimeStamp dropdown field.

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