AutoComplete Fields

Now you can combine the flexibility of free form fields with the power of a lookup dropdown. The new AutoComplete form element looks like regular text field, but a suggestion box appears as the users types keywords (similar to Google search) recommending choices already in the database, based on “Begins with”or “Contains” matching values in the associated lookup table.

“Sort By” Interactive Dropdown

In this release, you can add an interactive “Sort by” dropdown to the top of your Results Page for users to refresh the data based on your suggested sorting options. You can select and preview the particular sorting fields displayed in the dropdown, edit the default labels for ascending and descending order (A-Z, High to Low, New to Old, etc.), and even include sorting fields which are not displayed on the Results Page.

“Search Again” Navigation

It’s now easy for users to navigate back to the Search Form from the Results or Details Page. The “Search Again” link is usually displayed at the top left of the DataPage, and its graphic and text are easily customized in the Style and Localization wizards. This feature also supports pre-defined criteria reports where the search form is deployed on a separate web page.

“Next/Previous” Navigation on Details Pages

Quickly navigate between records on the Details page without going back to the Result Page. You can also jump to particular record by typing the number into the “Jump to” field.

“Delete Record” Options

Optionally allow users to delete records permanently from the database on Details Pages, and Gallery, List and Calendar Reports.

When you enable the “Delete record” option, additional destination and email triggers become available in the DataPage wizard to configure specifically for record deletions.

Hovered Actions on Gallery, List and Calendar

The “Details” and “Delete” record actions on List, Gallery and Calendar DataPages now automatically appear as a hovered effect as users mouse-over each record.

Additional Navigation and Interactive Elements

Easily add more interactivity and usability to your apps with these features:

  • “Show Per Page” Dropdown – Include a user-selectable interactive dropdown to control the number of records displayed per page.
  • “Jump to” Navigation – Allow users to skip to a certain page or record by entering the number in the paging controls.
  • Display interactive features on top, bottom or both – Using the Style wizard, you can choose to display the paging controls above and/or below the Results and Details Page.
  • Actions with both icon and localized text – It’s now possible to display actions links (Search, Details, Delete, etc) with both an icon and your localized text (configurable in Styles and Localizations).

Truncate Long Text

To better control page layout of any DataPage, you can limit the amount of text displayed for Display Only fields and allow users to expand/collapse the text by clicking on an icon or “More…” link (configurable in Styles and  Localizations).

For Email and URL fields, text is truncated with “…” and a rollover tooltip instead of an expand option. When you enable this option on the Advanced tab, you can configure the limit based on:

  • Characters (nearest word) – Truncates at the end of the last word before the specified limit.
  • Characters (exact) – Truncates at the exact number of characters, including spaces and line breaks.
  • Paragraphs – Truncates at the exact number of paragraphs, as identified by a line break.

Hide Blank Fields

You can now entirely hide blank fields (including the label) on List, Grid or Calendar Reports and Details Pages. Simply check the Hide field if blank option on the Advanced tab for any Display Only field, and the entire row will no longer appear when the field contains a blank value.

Randomized Results

Results Pages can display in a randomized sort order each time a new search is performed or the page is refreshed. This feature is helpful when you want to show a fresh set of records every time users revisit the page; for instance, featured real estate properties on a homepage. Search and pre-defined criteria still filter the results set appropriately, and the unique sort order is preserved as users page through the results.

View Properties Screen

The View Properties screen provides a detailed list of information such as record count, created/modified dates, and associated TablesDataPages, Lookups and Authentications.

Calculated Fields in Formulas and Default Values

In this release, you can insert a calculated field inside the formula of another calculated field, or insert as the default value for any field.

“Copy/Replace DataPage” Dialog

The redesigned Copy DataPage dialog now includes a separate tab for Replace. When you replace a DataPage, the AppKey is preserved so all deployments will automatically display the new DataPage without having to redeploy your app.

New and Improved Styles

Five new Styles have been uploaded to all customer accounts to offer more designs optimized for the latest interactive features.

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