Caspio Bridge 7.3

Conditional Forms

In this release, Caspio provides the ability to create conditional forms. Using the new Rules tab in the DataPage wizard, you can create various conditions to hide, show, require or disable specific fields based on the value or selection of other fields in the same form. The following conditions can be applied to Caspio forms (submission, search, single record update, or details page):

  • Hide/show fields (or sections of fields)
  • Make fields required
  • Disable a field
  • Make a field static (non-editable)

This feature is available now to all customers. Learn more about Conditional Forms.

Bug Fixes:

14732DataPagesLookup dropdowns now populate correctly when based on a view with a long field name (up to 65 characters).
12494DataPagesIn cascading dropdowns, the "Verify" error message no longer appears when the parent dropdown value has been changed.
14781DataPagesThe HTML DataPage size limit was increased to 150KB.
14679DataPagesIn Reports, the “Search again” link now works correctly on WordPress.
14661DataPagesIn Reports, clicking “Search again” no longer affects the format of Date/Time and Number fields.
15155ImagesImages now display correctly in SEO-deployed DataPages configured with predefined parameters.
14007, 15298, 13173ImagesWhen image resizer is enabled, the original file will appear in reports (instead of hourglass) until the resizing process has completed.
13148ImagesWhen sending image attachments via auto-emails with image resizer enabled, the original image will be sent (instead of hourglass).
12231LocalizationWhen replacing DataPages during import, the original style and localization will be preserved.
13810LocalizationWhen using the English localization for inputting Date/Time fields, the time between 12:00 – 12:59 PM is now stored correctly in the table.

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