Last Updated on September 19, 2016

Caspio Bridge 9.4 is scheduled for release at the end of September. The following is a list of product areas and functions that will be impacted in this release.

Microsoft Edge Browser Not Supported

Change areaSystem Requirements
Impact areaAll deployed DataPages viewed in Microsoft Edge
DescriptionThe Microsoft Edge browser is not fully supported by Caspio, and therefore starting in version 9.4, deployed DataPages viewed in Microsoft Edge browsers will display the following message above the DataPage: “Your browser is not fully supported. Please use a recent version of a mainstream browser.”

This message will display in the language selected in the DataPage Localization and can be customized or removed in Localizations and Styles.

Changes to DataPage Style Definitions

Change areaRendered DataPages
Impact areaCustom CSS or scripts relying on Caspio inline styles
DescriptionStarting in version 9.4, the styling of rendered DataPages will be defined using CSS classes instead of inline styles.

However, if your existing CSS is structured to inherit DataPage inline styles, you may need to update your CSS after the release to adjust to the change in CSS hierarchy.

CSS inserted into HTML Blocks, Headers & Footers, Labels, Automatic Emails, and Confirmation Messages will not be affected.