Features and Enhancements in Release 6.5

  • Improved Import/Export Wizards
  • New Import Formats: Excel Workbooks, Fixed Width and XML
  • Search Engine Optimized (SEO) Deployment
  • Editable Data in New Views Wizard
  • AutoValues for Generating Random IDs, Numbers and Passwords
  • AutoValues for Capturing User IP Address and Site URL
  • Caspio Bridge Account Alerts
  • Larger TEXT Field for Up to 64,000 Characters
  • DataPage Properties Screen
  • Reset AutoNumber Values
  • One-Click Privileges Across Many DataPages
  • Dynamic Display Label for File Fields
  • Custom File Names for Data Download
  • New “Does Not Contain” Criteria
  • Expanded Precision Options for Date/Time Fields
  • Secure User Blocking by IP Address
  • Calendar Interface Improvements
  • Dot NET Deployment
  • Browser Support and Compatibility Enhancements
  • Performance Improvements
  • Additional Enhancements and Updates

Improved Import/Export Wizards

The new Table Import/Export Wizard not only has a more intuitive interface, but also combines many important options for adjusting tables, fields and data during the import process. Functionality highlights:

  • Replace Tables used in authentications.
  • Auto-detects Tables for Append and Replace.
  • Change field Data Type.
  • Auto-detect field Data Type.
  • CVS fields now default to TXT255.

Import/export process now occurs in the background so users can proceed to other tasks or log out of their account.

New Import Formats: Excel Workbooks, Fixed Width and XML

Added support for Microsoft Excel Workbooks, Fixed-width text, and XML data formats. Import multiple worksheets within an Excel workbook as separate Tables.

Search Engine Optimized (SEO) Deployment

Server-side SEO deployment is available for non-editable Search and Report DataPages with pre-defined criteria. SEO deployed DataPages contents can be crawled and indexed by search engines. Learn More

Editable Data in New Views Wizard

Views Wizard has streamlined from 7 to 3 steps. Data in one Table in a View is editable via Datasheet, DataPages, or API.

AutoValues for Generating Random IDs, Numbers and Passwords

Assign random values to hidden fields in a Web Form DataPage:

  • Random Unique ID can be For Human Use which assigns ID prefix, length, and complexity; or For Application Use which generates 128-bit GUID value.
  • Random Password with configurable strength, length and complexity settings.
  • Random Numbers for Number fields with prefix, length, or range settings.

AutoValues for Capturing User IP Address and site URL

Track values in hidden fields upon user submission via a Web Form DataPage:

  • User IP Address captures end users’ IP addresses of where information has been submitted.
  • DataPage Host captures the URL of where the DataPage application is executed in three format choices: Complete URL (including parameters), Page URL (no parameters), or Domain name. 

Caspio Bridge Account Alerts

Alerts interface provides real-time notifications and details of account activities such as import and export status, system updates, and other information from Caspio. Enterprise and reseller accounts can send customized notifications to individual sub-accounts and users via the alerts interface.

Larger TEXT Fields for Up to 64,000 Characters

Allowance for TEXT fields has been increased from 4,000 to 64,000 characters.

DataPage Properties Screen

The DataPage Properties provides a detailed list of DataPage information such as creation/last modified dates, associations to other Tables, AppKey, deployment status and location of host pages.

Reset AutoNumber Values

Reset or assign a new custom value to new or existing AutoNumber records.

One-Click Privileges Across Many DataPages

Authorize permissions by specific DataPages, remove or apply the same setting to multiple existing or new DataPages.

Dynamic Display Label for File Fields

File download links on search results and details pages can be customized with static texts or parameters. 

Custom File Names for Data Download

Search results download on Search and Report DataPages can be modified with a personalized file name and date. 

New “Does Not Contain” Criteria

“Does Not Contain” comparison criterion allows users to create negative searches to filter data by eliminating unwanted keywords.

Expanded Precision Options for Date/Time Fields

Configurable Date/Time field comparison precision has been extended to for the following criteria:

  • Greater Than
  • Greater Than Or Equal To
  • Less Than
  • Less Than Or Equal To

Secure User Blocking by IP Address

  • Now Accessible on Deploy Screen – IP Blocking has been moved from the DataPage Privileges screen to the Deploy dialog under the “Filters” button.
  • Web Services Profiles Support IP Ranges – Control Web Services Profile access by allowing or blocking a single IP Address or a range of IP Addresses.

Calendar Interface Improvements

Calendars display directly beside Date fields as an overlay instead of a new window.

Dot NET Deployment

Dot NET embedded deployment supports Dot Net apps and systems such as Microsoft SharePoint and websites that are in ASPX.

Browser Support and Compatibility Enhancements

  • Browsers – Extended support for the latest internet browsers including Google Chrome, Safari 4, Internet Explorer 8 and new versions of Firefox.
  • MS Access 2007 – Importing of Microsoft Access 2007 and Excel 2007 files is now supported.
  • Web Services – Caspio Bridge Web Services API has been extended to include a wider range of SOAP clients (SOAP 1.2), including Crystal Reports. New methods are now available in Web Services to allow file upload/download, creating DataPages or Views. Download the Web Services API documentation.
  • Caspio Bridge Plug-in for MS Office – A new version of the Caspio Bridge Plug-in for MS Office is available. Version 2.0 dynamically resolves the server address of your account and has a new “Checks for Updates” function to ensure you will have the latest version. It is not necessary to uninstall previous plug-in versions, but you must close Excel/Access prior to installation. Download the Plug-in for MS Office.

Performance Improvements

  • Overall Performance of Caspio Bridge and DataPages – A number of significant steps have been taken to optimize your apps for faster performance even when the number of records exceeds a million. These improvements are mostly behind-the-scenes and proprietary in nature.
  • Auto-Indexing of Large Tables – Caspio Bridge discovers how your tables is being used and applies appropriate indexes on it for optimal performance.
  • Background Import and Export – Import and export of all Caspio Bridge data such as Tables, DataPages, and Views perform in the background, so users can move on to other tasks in the account, or even log out.

Additional Updates

  • Acknowledgement emails may be sent to an email address that is captured via a virtual field.
  • Search and Report DataPage search results can default to sort by fields that are not used in the search results display.
  • Under Advanced Options in DataPage Wizard, you can select a table-driven value for “Reply-to” field in notification emails.
  • You can now rename Table fields or Views that are used in authentication.
  • RLS-DataPages can now be moved to other folders based on the same Authentication Table.
  • Fixed compatibility issues deploying to Drupal and Joomla.
  • Field names can be editable in Tables and Views used in authentication.
  • Timestamp can be applied to Virtual fields and may be passed as a parameter.

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