Features and Enhancements in Release 6.7

New Calendar DataPage

You can now easily display date-centric information in an online calendar using the new Calendar DataPage. The Calendar DataPage has the same powerful search and drill-down capabilities as the Search and Report DataPage, but displays the results in weekly or monthly calendar interface (instead of a table, grid or list). This DataPage can be used to manage any date-centric information like events, schedules, due dates, orders, appointments, etc.

The Calendar DataPage is highly customizable with five date display options. Depending on your needs, you can select from the following configurations to indicate how users will view and navigate through your information:

  • Today
  • Specific date
  • Days relative to today
  • Date of first matching record
  • Date of last matching record

Like all DataPages, the Calendar DataPage is SEO-deployable and 508-Compliant.

Improved Account Usage Statistics Screen

The Usage Statistics screen was updated to provide a clear picture of your account’s deployed DataPages and resource utilization.

Four new Caspio Bridge Styles have been automatically uploaded to all accounts to provide additional design and color options.

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