Enhanced DataPage Wizard

The DataPage wizard has been enhanced to streamline the creation of DataPages.  All of your current DataPages still function as they did before and are now editable using the new interface.  Now you can choose the DataPage type first so you can weigh the options side by side before making a decision.

Charts DataPages

An exciting addition to the already large variety of DataPages available, Chart DataPages are now available.  This release includes all basic chart types:

  • Bar
  • Column
  • Pie
  • Line
  • Step
  • Spline

Chart DataPages work on mobile browsers including on the iPhone and iPad. Feedback is welcome during this first release of charts.  We’d love to hear your comments and see what you’ve created.  You can read how to create several charts here.

Image Resizer

The image resizer automatically creates a smaller thumbnail version of a graphic and saves it to an additional File field in your record.  It’s a great way to reduce data transfer when you have results pages with many large images.

“Begins With” Search Option

A new comparison type has been added to give you a new way to search records and produce reports.  The “Begins With” comparison type returns only records that begin the same as the search data.  This can be useful for searching through common words as well as records with record locators that begin with a prefix.

HTML Block Column Header

In Tabular Reports, adding an HTML block adds an extra column.  The new release allows you to enter a header to be displayed over this column.  In the Configure Results Page Fields screen of the DataPage wizard when you insert an HTML block there is now a field called Label visible just before the HTML block.  Any text you enter into this Label will be visible as a header in the results page.

United Kingdom Localization

An English (UK) Localization has been added to display data using British English formatting standards, including the Pound sign for currency, and date and number display appropriate for countries using United Kingdom standards.

Questions or Comments?

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