Enhanced Table Design

The Table Design screen has been redesigned to offer new options you can control at the table-level.

Timestamp Smart Fields

A new Smart Field category was added to data types, the first of which is Timestamp to automatically record the date and time whenever a record is submitted and/or updated.

Field Options

Below your fields, the new Field Options tab provides additional field-level controls such as default label and unique.  This feature helps you set your field defaults early on to maintain consistency across all future DataPages.  Also check out the new dynamic tip area to guide you through the new options. Learn more about creating tables.

Streamlined Chart Wizard

The Chart wizard has been simplified to make Caspio’s powerful chart engine more intuitive.  Chart options are reorganized on a single screen with easy-to-understand controls for Chart Area, Category, Value and Series elements. The wizard for Combined Chart and Reports has also been re-ordered and condensed. Learn more about creating charts.

User Logs

If you don’t have User Logs in the Tools menu, your plan may not include the add-on feature. For more information you can contact your Account Manager, or select Change Plan from the Account menu to add the feature. User Logs allow you to monitor all user logins and password requests in authenticated apps.  Reports can be instantly filtered by criteria such as date, authentication folder, user name, IP address, and more.

Calculations in Details Pages

Calculated fields are now available in details pages in addition to Report results pages.  These calculated fields give you the ability to display real-time calculations based on data in an individual record.

Parameter Simulation Window

As you may know, parameters are used in Caspio Bridge to communicate with outside apps and between DataPages.  The parameter simulation window helps simplify app development and testing by simulating parameter values being passed to a DataPage.

In Caspio Bridge, open a DataPage that is configured to receive a parameter.  The parameter simulation window allows you to manually enter the parameter name and value and pass it to the DataPage.  This way, you can fully test apps before deployment, or even prior to creating the DataPage that passes the parameter.

Data Auto-Alignment

Much like a spreadsheet, you can now automatically align cells based on data type so that textual fields are left-aligned while numeric and date fields are right-aligned. Auto-alignment can be activated using the Style wizard for tabular Reports.  The improved alignment also appears when viewing tables or views in Caspio Bridge Datasheet.

Visible Aggregation in Data Grouping

Now it’s even easier to compare summarized data using the Advanced Reporting features.  In this release, aggregate results are now always displayed for instant data intelligence, regardless of whether groups are expanded or collapsed.

More Columns in Forms

You can now create up to 12 columns of fields in forms and details pages, up from the previous limit of 4. Use Section columns to align fields nicely across your forms whenever needed.

Additional Feature Enhancements:

  • Data formatting can now be previewed directly in the DataPage wizard, with a new “Edit” button to customize the settings for a particular field.
  • Search by Distance reports now support dynamic sorting based on the calculated distance.
  • Section-508 compliance is now automatically built-in for all new DataPages.
  • Charts now support Internet Explorer 9 Beta.

Questions or Comments?

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