Advanced Reporting

Caspio’s new Advanced Reporting offers several powerful features to add calculations, totals, aggregation and grouping to Results Pages. These reporting functions execute dynamically as the Results Page loads, based on the very latest data in your tables and any user-inputted or predefined search criteria.

Calculations apply only to generated Results Page reports and do not affect the data in your tables. When “Results Download” option is enabled, the downloaded data will include calculated and aggregated data.

Calculated Fields

Calculated Fields give you the ability to perform dynamic data calculations on individual records. You can add calculations to any Results Page (Tabular, List and Gallery layouts) and Combined Chart and Report DataPages. The DataPage Wizard provides built-in tools to easily add calculations; including ability to insert fields and a list of common functions with helpful tool tips and usage examples. You can also utilize parameters in calculated fields for further flexibility.

Learn more about Calculated Fields.

Totals and Aggregation

Totals and Aggregation allow you to roll-up data, generate summaries, and apply formulas and calculations to entire columns of a Report DataPage. Totals and Aggregation are inserted as new rows at the top and/or bottom of a Tabular Results Page, where you can select the specific fields for aggregation. In addition to basic aggregation functions like SUM, AVERAGE, MIN, MAX, and COUNT, you can also enter a custom formula using scalar expressions including common math functions (+,-,*,/). Aggregation can also be applied to sub-groups if Grouping is enabled.

Learn more about Totals and Aggregation

Data Grouping

Using the new Grouping tab in the DataPage Wizard for Reports, you can now easily organize records into groups on Results Pages. You have several different ways to configure grouping to display each section in full or expanded or collapsed by default.

Learn more about Data Grouping.

DataPage Revision History

If you do not have DataPage Revisions, your plan may not include the add-on feature. For more information you can contact your Account Manager, or select Change Plan from the Account menu to add the feature. DataPage Revisions feature automatically saves and preserves up to 50 prior versions of each DataPage. Inside the Revisions window of a DataPage, you can view previous DataPage versions, add a description for future reference, preview them, restore a previous version, or create a new DataPage from a previous version. You can also lock important versions so they will not be deleted if the history exceeds 50 versions.

Additional Updates in Caspio Bridge 6.9:

  • Updated Styles and Localizations – Existing unmodified Styles and Localizations in your account were automatically updated with new settings for 6.9 features. If you have modified your pre-existing Styles or Localizations and would like to migrate to latest versions, you can download the latest Styles or Localizations selectively. Additionally, two brand new Styles were uploaded to all accounts to provide additional design and color options.
  • Remaining Character Count for Text Areas – You can now display the number of available characters as a dynamic tip under text areas. As the user types, the remaining characters automatically decrease until the specified maximum characters is reached and the text area no longer accepts input.
  • Enhanced Charts – It is now possible to create a Chart DataPage without any numeric fields in your data source. The COUNT and COUNT NON BLANKS functions are available to create charts displaying the record count for any field type, or count only non-blank fields. Numeric and date fields will continue to have additional aggregation options such as SUM and AVG.
  • Label Removal on Results Pages – Results Pages now provide a way to eliminate unwanted cell padding when you remove labels. To remove the label cell in a Results Pages, open the DataPage Wizard and simply delete the label.
  • Improved Account Usage Screen – The Usage Statistics screen in your Caspio Bridge account now provides a visual report to help you track your account usage and available resources.
  • Easier Login for Non-Admin Users – The account login dialog is modified to make it easier for non-admin users to log into Caspio Bridge.
  • Linux and Mobile Device Login Support – You can now log into your Caspio Bridge account on Linux using Firefox and Chrome, and with iPhone and iPad devices. However, these systems are not fully certified at this time, so it is still recommended that you login using the fully-supported system requirements.

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