The Caspio Bridge 7.0.2 patch release includes the following performance improvements:

Feature Additions:

  • Fixed Width Import – When importing fixed-width text files, users can now define the width for each field. The starting point of each field is automatically calculated, allowing you to accurately upload data in fixed-width format.  Fields can be added and removed using the buttons at the top left.
  • DataPage Revisions – DataPage Revisions now include a “Modified By” column to track the username of the internal user who modifies a DataPage.

Other Enhancements:

  • Date/Time sorting in cascading dropdowns now sort by date values instead of  text.
  • When enabled, auto-login across apps now functions regardless of whether Password type fields are used for authentication.
  • Improved Report DataPage performance for large tables using the Equal comparison type.
  • Password field values are no longer available as authenticated values in hidden virtual fields.
  • When the DataPage limit is reached, users may now upload a DataPage using the Replace option.
  • Number to Password data type conversions are now processed with accurate alert messages.
  • Virtual checkbox fields can now receive parameters.
  • Web Services API users can now upload data that contains parenthesis.
  • Timestamp values can now be included in Submission Successful messages and automatic emails using parameters.
  • Product releases automatically clear cached images and JavaScript in the Caspio Bridge administrative interface.
  • Security enhancements to the Caspio Bridge administrative account login.

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