The Caspio Bridge 7.0.1 patch release includes the following performance improvements:


  1. Chrome 10 Beta is now supported for Caspio Bridge account login.
  2. Text (255) to Password data type conversion is now allowed for fields actively used in authentication.
  3. New record passwords can now be set in Datasheet.
  4. Performance improvements for Report DataPages sorted by invisible fields.
  5. Added calculated field values in downloadable search results.
  6. Addressed issues with  Distance Search Reports with pre-defined criteria.
  7. Enhanced alias name validation in View design.
  8. Cascading field setup in DataPage wizard no longer includes Text (64000) fields, as this data type is not supported for this feature.
  9. Addressed date format localization issues in Cascading dropdowns.
  10. Fixed JavaScript error for DataPages with mixed deployment methods (ASP, SEO and Embedded) on the same page.
  11. Fixed import errors originating from empty tables in Microsoft Access import files.
  12. Addressed issues related to very large Views utilized in authentication.

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