This article only applies to accounts that were created prior to the release of Caspio 8.5 in January 2015.

The Account Subdomains feature was introduced with the release of Caspio 8.5. Subdomains allow accounts to be portable on the Caspio infrastructure enabling seamless movement between data centers if necessary. They are also a foundation for additional features on our product roadmap.

Accounts created prior to the release of Caspio 8.5 have the option of enabling Account Subdomains settings by clicking Account, then Account Settings and editing the Deployment URL as shown below. Newer accounts will not see this option.

Caspio highly recommends enabling Account Subdomains. However, it should be noted that once enabled, DataPage deploy codes will immediately start using your account’s subdomain. It is best to redeploy all existing Caspio DataPages to avoid a mix of old and new deployment codes in your applications. Mixed deployment codes can cause usability issues such as preventing cross-app logins.

Note that approximately six months after you enable Account Subdomains, the option will be removed from Account Settings and you will no longer be able to revert back to Caspio Site deployment.