As of September 2013, Yahoo! terminated their free Maps Web Services, and as a result, Yahoo! map mashups are no longer supported.

If you are using Yahoo! Maps in your Caspio applications, we recommend you switch to Google Maps using the Map Mashup Version 7 for additional customization options:

  • Multiple DataPages plotting on the same map
  • Use different markers based on criteria
  • Cluster icons for grouping overlapping markers
  • Customizable information window

Note: Upgrading to Map Mashup Version 7 will require re-configuring your map.

If you prefer to stay with the older Google Maps API, you can quickly update your mashup in a few steps:

  1. Register your domain for a Google Maps API Key at
  2. Update the following steps referenced in the Older Map Mashup Documentation:
  • Make sure to change map type “Y” for Yahoo! to “G” for Google in all sections including the Details page.
  • Replace the Yahoo deploy code with the Google deploy code (replace “YourKeyHere” with your API Key registered for your domain).