It is possible to display a dynamic image inside a map bubble. The image may be from your Caspio account or from a website. So in your table you should either have a file field for images or a text field with links to each external image.

The comments below refer to the standard map mashup instructions.

At the bottom of the provided code segment find the following:

The section between the open and close div tag is where you must put the content for map bubbles. By default it is set to display description. For example, to keep description and follow it by an image do the following:

If linking to an external image that is in of your fields:

Add the highlighted code and replace FILEField or URLField with your actual field names and replace APPKEY with the AppKey of this DataPage.

To find the AppKey of the DataPage save your DataPage by going to the end of the wizard. Then in Caspio object explorer while the DataPage is selected click on the Deploy icon on the toolbar and from the deploy code take the value for AppKey. You may want to paste the entire deploy code in Notepad and then copy the AppKey easily. Then open the DataPage for editing and find where you should paste the AppKey.

<div id="iconDesc[@field:UniqueID]" style="display:none">[@field:Description]</div>
<div id="iconDesc[@field:UniqueID]" style="display:none">[@field:Description] , <img src="[@field:FILEFIELD]"/></div>
<div id="iconDesc[@field:UniqueID]" style="display:none">[@field:Description] ,<img src="[@field:URLField]"/></div>