September 26, 2018 This release includes security enhancements, performance improvements and bug fixes.

Bug Fixes

ID Area Description
58045 Rendered DataPages Fixed error in Pivot DataPages where some users could not download reports in Excel format.
62300 PDF Report Downloads Details Page fields can now be used in PDF Report Downloads.
63513, 65294 Zapier Integration Fixed issue where Zap did not execute or received blank values if Triggered Actions were running on the same table used in the Zap.
64250 Formula Fields Values used in Formula Field calculations are now handled correctly in Inline Add and Inline Edit options.
64414 Rendered DataPages Display values are now preserved in data downloaded from Report DataPages.
64458 DataPage Wizard Fixed an error in the HTML editor where a link was added after a blank image tag.
64484 Triggered Action You can now use fields in a Delete action block nested inside an If-Then block.
64653 Password Recovery Form Fields inserted in the Message area now display correctly.
64761 DataPage Wizard The correct data type icon now displays for fields configured with the Calculated Value form element.
64778 Scheduled Tasks Fixed connection error for Site URLs containing folder names.
64957 Views Fixed an issue where “Missing required field” error appeared when editing Views last modified before 2015.
64966 Rendered DataPages Fixed issue where Details Page records did not display in the same order as the Results Page after records were updated.
65097 Calculated Values The Calculated Value form element now supports Date functions.
65101, 64931 Rendered DataPages Fixed an intermittent system error in DataPages.
64963 Group and Permissions Fixed permission issue with the Everyone group.
65175 Rendered DataPages Fixed issue where some Report DataPages failed to render correctly when AJAX was enabled.
65240 Rendered DataPages Fixed issue where the sticky header in Report DataPages overlapped the Download Data option.
65353 DataPages Preview Fixed calculation error when previewing some DataPages.
65508 DataPage Wizard You can now use fields with long names in On Load parameters.
65618 Import/Export Fixed an intermittent system error during application import.
65624 DataPages When a DataPage is updated as a result of modifying related objects, the value of the Last Modified By field is now saved correctly.
65628 Localizations Custom number formatting in Localizations is now applied correctly to DataPages.
65667 Rendered DataPages Fixed issue in Report DataPages where Yes/No value could not be used if the field was used as a Details Page link.
65674 Files Fixed issue in Files listing where additional files were not shown after clicking on the More link.
65706 Rendered DataPages The Count Non Blank aggregation function now works correctly in Report DataPages.
65751 Rendered DataPages Fixed issue where incorrect values were assigned to Cascading Elements when the lookup table contained duplicate Display Values.
66117 Rendered DataPages The Download Data option in Report DataPages now works properly when Inline Edit is enabled.

Impact Areas

Refer to the Impacted Areas article for more information about the areas affected by this release.

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