This version includes a wide range of features to help you improve the usability and look-and-feel of your apps.

Release Notes

User Password Strength Enforcement

You can now set the password strength on any Caspio form containing a password field. As the user types a password, a color-coded strength indicator is displayed under the field based on your chosen strength level of Weak, Good or Strong. For example, a “Good” password requires at least 8 characters, 1 number, and both lower and upper case letters. Learn more.
password strength_1

Rollover Hints for Fields

Improve the usability of your apps by adding help icons with rollover hints next to any form field or column header. Hints can be enabled on the Advanced Tab during field configuration in the DataPage Wizard, and the help icon can be quickly customized in Styles.  Learn more.

Placeholder Text in Form Fields

Placeholder text can be added to any form to display helpful text inside a field. Placeholders are now common practice on the web, where the text is automatically cleared out as soon as the user clicks inside the field. Learn more.

Expanded Cascading Form Fields

It’s now easier than ever to implement smart filtering with parent/child relationships in your forms. In addition to cascading dropdowns and listboxes, we have introduced cascading functionality for text fields, radio buttons, and Auto-Complete fields.  Learn more.

Width Control for Fields and Columns

To help you achieve your preferences for a particular app layout or design, we have added more ways to control the width of fields in forms and columns in tabular reports. Choose between various width settings such as characters, pixels, percentage and auto. Learn more.

Image Auto-Rotation

You can now enable your forms to automatically correct the image orientation during file upload so that all uploaded images will automatically display with the correct orientation. Learn more.

Table-Driven Radio Buttons

Radio buttons can now be driven by lookup tables the same way you configure dropdowns and listboxes (limited to 100 radio options per lookup).

Field-Level Time Zone Setting in Views

In the Views Wizard, you can now specify a time zone to add localized Date/Time criteria such as Today, Before Now, After Now, and Current Week.

AppKeys on DataPage Listing Page

You can now enable DataPage AppKeys to be displayed on the DataPage listing page for easy reference when looking for a particular deployed DataPage.

New Caspio Styles

We have uploaded 11 new Styles in all Caspio Bridge accounts. Not only are the new designs more modern and pleasing to the eye, they incorporate the latest features in this release. Outdated Styles not currently being used were automatically removed, but can be downloaded and imported back into your account if you prefer.

System Requirements and Known Issues

Future Releases Will No Longer Support IE8. Beginning in the next release, Caspio Bridge account login and administration will no longer support Internet Explorer 8. In order to utilize more features based on modern browser standards, Caspio Bridge 8.1 is the last version that will support IE’s outdated browsers. Please note that your deployed DataPages will still function normally on IE8.

Facebook ID Services No Longer Available.  On April 30, 2014, Facebook released v2.0 of their API which significantly changed the requirements to use Facebook as an ID Service. Until a workable solution is available, Facebook is no longer available in Caspio Authentications and Connections. Any pre-existing apps that enabled Facebook before April 30, 2014 will continue to operate normally using v1.0 of the API until it is retired on April 30, 2015. Learn more.

Bug Fixes:

14631 DataHub DataHub usage is now displayed on the Usage Statistics screen.
20208 DataPages In search forms, an AutoNumber field can now be selected as a lookup value.
20173 DataPages It is now possible to move multiple DataPage elements up and down in Internet Explorer (using the control key to select multiple items).
20447 DataHub Scheduled Tasks now support importing Excel files with columns that contain spaces in the field name.
13180 DataPages A “Verify” button was added to calculated fields to check the validity of a formula.

Questions or Comments?

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