This release is primarily for usability enhancements and bug fixes, plus a change to the system requirements for users who log in to their Caspio Bridge account with Internet Explorer 8 (IE8).

Feature Enhancements

“File URL” Parameter Formatting
When inserting a File field as a parameter into an HTML Block or elsewhere, you can now choose to insert the entire URL of the file stored in your Caspio database, as opposed to just the file name. This option is available by selecting the “File URL” format when inserting a field parameter. Note that Advanced Options and Parameters must both be enabled and the field insertion options are only available when displaying data (such as in reports and details pages).

Option to Hide Cascading Radio Buttons
When configuring cascading radio buttons (on the Advanced tab), you can now choose to hide child options that do not match the parent selection, or display them as disabled.

Additional System Parameters
Two new System Parameters allow you to capture more information about the user’s environment when a record is submitted:

  • “Browser” captures the end user’s browser name and version.
  • “User Agent” captures the entire browser signature which usually includes browser, operating system, and browser add-on details.

Uncompressed Export via DataHub
When configuring a Scheduled Export Task, you now have the option to export a compressed ZIP file or uncompressed files in the data format of your choice.

Change to System Requirements

Caspio Bridge Administrative Interface No Longer Supports IE8
Beginning with this release, Caspio Bridge account login and administration no longer supports Internet Explorer 8. We have made this choice in order to streamline our product development, as IE8 does not confirm to modern browser standards. Please note that your deployed DataPages will still function normally on IE8.

List of Select Bug Fixes

21094 DataHub DataHub Export Tasks to authenticated Sites now support files over 5 MB.
21078 DataPages Cascading dropdowns based on large lookup tables (over 50,000 records) now function correctly using Internet Explorer 8 on Windows XP.
20483 DataPages In Report DataPages, aggregation rows now display correctly when grouping by a field containing European special characters.
21110 DataPages In deployed DataPages, hidden fields now remain hidden when set to receive System Parameters.
20207 Localizations In the Localizations wizard, HTML code can now be inserted in the “Custom Text” for
any element.
15140 DataPages When passing a File field as parameter, files that are set to be automatically renamed for uniqueness are now shown correctly.
18368 DataPages When configuring Distance Search, you can now use an Auto-Complete form element for “Center of Search” and “Distance” fields.

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