October 30, 2014

This release offers a few highly-requested features available now in all Caspio plans.

Release Notes

HTML Editor in DataPage Wizard

An HTML editor is now available in the DataPage wizard for convenient “what-you-see-is-what-you-get” (WYSIWYG) editing in HTML Blocks, Headers & Footers, and Automatic Emails. Prior to this release, you had to enter valid HTML code in these areas. With this new enhancement, you can use an HTML editor to easily format the text styling, layout, and other elements such as bullets, hyperlinks and images. At any time, you can switch to the Source mode to directly access the HTML code.


HTML Editor in Deployed DataPages

An HTML editor is also available in your deployed apps when you would like to allow end users to submit HTML-formatted content through Web Forms or Details Pages. Users can style the text, insert HTML code, or even copy-and-paste content from a Microsoft Word document. When configuring the DataPage, you can enable or disable the toolbar on the Advanced tab, and then select from three different toolbars based on your preference for the amount of options displayed in the toolbar.



New Table Relationship Types

In Tables Relationships, a new “One-to-One” relationship type is now available in addition to the previous “One-to-Many” option. Additionally, whenever a relationship is neither one-to-one nor one-to-many, the relationship type is considered “Indeterminate”. We believe providing rich database capabilities is important for building powerful applications and this new relationship type and other enhancements listed below are the building blocks for some upcoming features that we are working on.

Learn more about Database Relationships.

Cascade-Delete and Cascade-Update

When creating a table relationship using the Relationships view, you may have used the “Referential Integrity” feature to ensure that records always remain associated to their related records. Now when you enable Referential Integrity, you can also enable Cascade-Delete and Cascade-Update. For example, with these options enabled, if you change a customer’s ID in the Customers table, the Customer_ID field in the Orders table is automatically updated for that customer’s orders to ensure the relationship is preserved – and if a customer is deleted, all their orders also get deleted to leave no orphan records.

Learn more about Database Relationships.

Select Bug Fixes and Smaller Enhancements

11485 Views Added new ability to delete records from multi-table Views.
11607 Parameters Deprecated <cb:field/> parameters in emails and standardized on [@field:] parameter format, similar to everywhere else in Caspio.
21464 DataHub Fixed Import Append operations when there is a unique constraint combined with schema mismatch.
21167 DataPage Wizard Added “None” to available Display Options in Update Forms.
21461 DataPage Wizard Error message no longer appears when the data source is changed to a different table with the same design.

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