The look and feel of your DataPages can be customized using DataPage Styles. A Style is a set of attributes that control the appearance of each DataPage element including labels, fields, buttons, containers, data, error messages, and special controls used in results pages of Search and Reports.

Use Styles in combination with Localizations to make your DataPages truly unique.

How Styles Are Applied to DataPages

Caspio Bridge uses CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) to customize your DataPages. Each DataPage Element has its own CSS class (or sometimes multiple classes) associated with it.

When creating a Style, you define each element’s class through the Style Wizard’s screens. In addition to DataPage Elements, you can define the classes for HTML tags that appear in your HTML headers and footers and blocks.

Basic or Advanced?

For non-programmers, you customize the built-in Caspio Bridge default Style by modifying each element’s settings through the Style Wizard. For advanced HTML and CSS programmers, click Source tab to directly edit the Style’s CSS source code, create an “empty” Style, design a Style from scratch, or add your own unique classes.