In this article, we will guide you on how to create an application task to automatically generate a daily email with a report of your choice. Steps to create the email task:
  1. Edit your Caspio Bridge App.
  2. Select Tasks in the sidebar menu to see the list of available Tasks for the selected application.
  3. Create a new Task and select Configure… option.
  4. Set the Frequency to Daily for daily report or choose your preferred frequency. Set the time and time zone when the email should be sent.
  5. Insert a table variable from Variables tab in the canvas.
  6. Choose SET TABLE VARIABLE block to assign values to the table variable.
  7. Use the SELECT statement from the Data to get selected records matching the criteria from a reporting table. In the example below, we configured the criteria to get new daily orders from Orders table to be included in the report.
  8. Add SEND EMAIL block from Actions tab and enter values for From, To and Subject fields.
  9. Using picker icon insert the table variable into the Message field with the required content for the email.
  10. Save and enable the application Task.