You can decide whether users can edit a specific field in a generated PDF document. For example, you might not want to map all the fields in a template if you expect app users to enter the value or if you do not have relevant data stored in the data source table. You might also want to map a field with a value expecting that it will be adjusted after a file is generated. 


Steps to enable edits in generated PDF documents: 

  1. In a template, click the field that you want to edit, and then navigate to the Editing after PDF generation list. 
  2. From the list, select when you want to allow users to edit the field after generating a PDF document from this template: 
    • To allow edits only when the field has no value, select Allowed if field is empty. 
    • To always allow edits in the field, select Always allowed. 

 The Editing after PDF generation section showing options for allowing edits for the field in the generated PDF document.