Release Notes

New Features and Enhancements

PDF Generation for Details Pages

A new PDF download option is available for the details pages of Reports, Calendars, Combined Chart and Reports, Details and Pivot Table DataPages. The PDF configuration for details pages is similar to the existing options available on results pages.

Learn more about PDF reports generation.

Support of Unicode Symbols

Caspio now supports Unicode symbols so you can display emoji characters and other symbols directly in your apps. They can be used in Tables, Views, DataPages, Email/SMS Notifications, Localizations, Formulas, Triggered Actions and Application Tasks. The supported symbols are listed at

Enhancements to Embedded Deployment Code

The DataPage embedded deployment code is now shorter and easier to paste into your host pages. Additionally, application white labeling is now driven by the Caspio plan rather than the DataPage deployment settings.

Enhanced DataPage Security

As part of our ongoing security improvements, we implemented additional safeguards to prevent bots from submitting forms.

Bug Fixes

ID Area Description
87947 Rendered DataPages Fixed issue with AutoComplete fields on mobile devices.
88335 Styles

Fixed error in Style templates when the size exceeded 300KB.

88640 Tables Fixed issue where formula fields could not be edited.
88691 Calculated Values Fixed error in Calculated Values when using virtual fields in formulas.
89358 DataPages Wizard Fixed issue in wizard screen when configuring Rules criteria.
89912 PDF Download
Fixed issue displaying charts in a Chart and Report DataPage in PDF downloads.
90188 Calculated Values Fixed localization issue in Calculated Values when date fields were used in formulas.
106054 Import Fixed issue with object mapping during App import.
106786 Import

Fixed issue with object mapping during View import.

107415 Rendered DataPages Fixed issue displaying search form after navigating between details page and results set.
107898 Calculated Values Fixed issue in Calculated Values when computing large numbers in formulas.
108013 Rendered DataPages Fixed redirection issue after DataPage logout. See Issue with Redirection After Logout for assistance with iframe deployments and custom logout links.
109174 Tables Fixed issue in Datasheet layout where column settings were not saved.
110169 SAML Authentication Fixed redirection issue in SAML authentications when using a relative path and third-party cookies are blocked.
110351 PDF Download Fixed issue displaying label styles in PDF downloads.
110813 Tables Fixed issue when editing tables containing a large number of fields.
110929 Parameters Fixed issue when using special characters in parameters.
111114 Authentication Fixed issue displaying login screen in SAML authentications after session expired.
111349 PDF Download Fixed issue generating PDF downloads when responsive option was enabled.
112412 CSV Download Fixed sorting issue in CSV downloads when responsive option was enabled or AJAX loading was disabled.

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