Watch the video below to see a quick summary of the 36.0 release:

Release Notes

Caspio Directories

We are pleased to announce that Caspio Directories is now released for general availability. Directories provide additional security governance, user lifecycle management, the ability to authenticate non-Caspio apps, and much more.
We also introduced the following enhancements:  
  • Directory logs that show detailed user activities such as authenticated sessions, password updates, failed login attempts, 2FA actions, and more 
  • Responsive user portal behavior for optimal mobile experience 
  • Automatic logout of suspended and deleted users 
  • Two-factor authentication status of users
Directories are available based on your Caspio plan.
Learn more about Directories.

Enhancements to Document Generation

We added the following improvements to Document Generation: 
  • Support for images in addition to text in PDF watermarks
  • Additional capabilities that determine when a PDF checkbox should be selected or not: 
    • More conditions added for date/time and timestamp fields 
    • The ability to use display values of related tables in conditions 
  • Additional “Data source type” column on the document templates list view
Learn more about Document Generation.

Usability improvements

  • The Caspio user interface is now enhanced to include the following improvements: 
    • Refreshed Caspio accounts list upon login 
    • Updated sidebar menu that includes a “Data” tab for quick access to tables and views
  • Improved communication of domain verification status 
  • Enhanced charts in Plan and Billing that clearly indicate the start and end of each usage period

Bug Fixes

ID Area Description
126324 Triggered actions Fixed issue with editing long text in text areas.
127671 Triggered actions Fixed issue with ORDER BY in table variable block.
180580 Tasks Fixed issue with Last run time information.
181554 Document generation Fixed issue with downloading PDF files based on document templates from DataPages with Disable AJAX loading option.
186191 Document generation Fixed issue with creating document templates if the base PDF file name has characters that are not allowed.
189356 Formula field Fixed issue with Formula field which use date/time data type in CONVERT, CAST, and TRY_CONVERT formulas.
191533 DataPages Fixed issue with source visibility in a maximized view of HTML DataPages.
192449 DataPages Fixed issue with currency symbol on a chart DataPage with logarithmic scale.
192548 Table Fixed issue with deleting a large number of records in a datasheet.
192749 Triggered actions Fixed issue with converting values in SELECT statements used in CASE-WHEN statements.
192831 Export Fixed issue with exporting tables as MS Access files.
192881 Table Fixed issue with changing formula fields used in authentications.
195982 Export Fixed issue with line breaks in tables exported to MS Access files.

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