Release Notes

Email Logs (Beta)

As we continue to enhance the Logs feature, we have released email logs in addition to app access, SMS and payment logs. Email logs track the history of all Caspio emails sent from DataPages, Triggered Actions and Tasks.

Learn more about Logs.

Enhancement to Data Import/Export Tasks

Data import/export tasks no longer pause when the monthly limit is reached. You can now add additional resource blocks or pay on-demand, similar to other resources in your plan.

Learn more about Add-On Resources.

Bug Fixes

135298Rendered DataPagesFixed missing formatting in downloaded Excel (XML) file.
136895Calculated FieldsFixed issue with nested calculated fields
139580Passing ParametersFixed issue with passing authentication parameters to DataPages.
140492Rendered DataPagesFixed passing authentication parameters to the file name downloaded from DataPages.
141659Rendered DataPagesFixed issue with incorrect values in dropdown.
141780Rendered DataPagesFixed issue with paging on the Report DataPages with more than 10 pages.

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