This upgrade include significant changes to the Caspio account login process in order to improve the user experience and security of your Caspio account.

Prior to the release, account admins will receive an email notification containing the specific impact to their account users, along with the estimated maintenance period for this upgrade. This major release will be scheduled over a weekend in order to minimize the impact to your deployed applications.

The following is a list of product areas and functions that will be affected.

Changes to Caspio Account Login

Change AreaCaspio Administrative Interface
Impact areaAccount Login

Starting in version 11.0, all users will log into their Caspio account using their email address instead of the “Account ID” and username.

All users with no email address, a duplicate email, or in pending status will be removed.

Please verify that each user of your account has a valid and current email address:

  • Account administrators should verify the information in My Profile and Access Permissions under the Account menu.
  • Non-admin users should verify the information in My Profile under the Account menu.

Access to Caspio Portals

Change AreaCaspio Support and Map Mashup Portals
Impact areaAdmin Account Access

Accessing Caspio Support and Map Mashup portals will require the email address of the user. Follow the steps above to ensure your account users have valid and current email addresses.

Please note that after the upgrade, each user must verify their email address the first time they log in to their account. Access to portals will only be possible after the account is verified.

Caspio Integration with Zapier

Change AreaZapier Profile Creation
Impact areaConnecting a New Zap

Connecting a new Zap to your Caspio account will now require you to login using your email address instead of “Account ID”.

Follow the steps above to ensure your account users have valid and current email addresses. The account user must have logged into their account at least once and verified their email address before they can create a new Zap.

Caspio IP Addresses

Change AreaCaspio IP Addresses
Impact areaNew IP Addresses for Notification Emails and Data Import/Export Tasks

Caspio’s infrastructure will be upgraded to improve security and will require new IP addresses for Caspio notification emails and data import/export tasks.

Clients who have previously whitelisted Caspio’s IP addresses should add the new IP addresses now and remove the previous IP addresses after the release: