This release includes two-factor authentication, tasks, payment integration, and search and results on the same page. Watch the video to see a summary of the new features:

Release Notes

Data Import/Export Tasks

As an addition to existing Triggered Actions, you can now create Tasks to enhance the level of automation in your applications. Tasks can modify data and send email or SMS notifications based on a predefined time schedule. With Tasks, your applications can run operations on a predetermined schedule and automatically do all the steps that you configured in them.

For more information, see Tasks.

Payment Processing

You can now integrate your Caspio application with payment gateways to accept real-time payments. Currently, Caspio supports PayPal Express and Stripe payment processors. You can choose one or both options and allow your app users to make payments through their PayPal account or by charging their credit card. Once you set up your own PayPal or Stripe account, you can use payment processing to create e-commerce applications and Caspio imposes no transaction fees.

For more information, see Accepting payments in your application.

Display Search Forms and Result Sets on the Same Page

When you create Report DataPages, you can now choose to automatically display the search form and the search results on the same screen. By displaying the search form above results page, you improve the usability of your applications by eliminating the extra step of users clicking back to the search form each time they want to edit the search criteria.

For more information, see Creating a Report DataPage.

Two-Factor Authentication for Your Caspio ID

You can now use two-factor authentication to enhance the security of your Caspio account by requiring a second level of verification during login. Make sure you enable two-factor authentication and start using your Caspio ID in parallel with the SMS or Google Authenticator codes whenever you access your Caspio account.

For more information, see Enabling two-factor authentication.

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