The following are known issues affecting some customers after the 9.0 release.

Blank Login and Search Results Screens

Some app users may experience a blank login screen or blank search result page if they recently viewed a version 8.8 Caspio application and open the same page again after the 9.0 release. This occurs because some browsers continue to cache the page for a period of time and do not reload the application.

In anticipation of this issue, we have already implemented a “no-cache” browser request for all deployed applications, however, some browsers may still not respect this request.

To address any remaining instances, you can instruct your app users to clear their browser cache and reload the page.

Feature Rollback Related to Calculated Fields in Aggregations

The 9.0 release to Sites 4-9 originally included an enhancement to aggregations to allow calculated fields containing an SQL query to be used in aggregations.

Unfortunately, this change caused issues with existing aggregations and required the immediate action of rolling back the enhancement to return to the previous behavior. This feature is still under development for an upcoming release.

Cascading Elements Impacted by "For" Attribute Change

As listed on the 9.0 Impacted Areas, any JavaScript or CSS that relies on the “for” attribute in

Specifically in cascading elements, the values for element ID and the element name are not the same, so any custom codes that were previously relying on the "for" attribute in

End of Support for IE 6 & 7

As listed on the 9.0 Impacted Areas, Internet Explorer 6 & 7 are no longer supported for deployed DataPages due to security reasons.