Release Notes

New Features in PDF Report Generation

As part of our ongoing improvements to PDF report generation, the following layout and customization capabilities are now available.

  • Page Breaks – Page breaks can be inserted after any field.
  • Parameters in Header and Footer – In addition to existing system parameters, now data source fields can also be inserted in the header and footer of PDF files generated from details pages.
  • Watermarks – Text or image watermarks can be added to PDF reports.

Learn more about PDF Download.

Expanded File Name Option in Data Download

You can now insert a range of parameters to customize the name of downloadable Excel, PDF and CSV files from reports.

Expanded Image Resizing

Previously uploaded images could be resized within a range of 1 px to 600 px (width or height). With this release this range is expanded to 1 px to 2048 px.

Bug Fixes

79546 Rendered DataPages Fixed issue sorting records in Pivot Table drilldown reports.
83915 Localization Fixed issue with incorrect regional settings in non-English custom localizations.
87974 Rendered DataPages Fixed scrolling issue for autocomplete fields on mobile devices.
84005, 88083 Tasks Fixed issue with incorrect number of affected records displaying in Task History.
88883 Rendered DataPages Fixed spacing issues in responsive rendering of DataPages.
90013 Data Download Fixed issue with downloading CSV files in reports.
94652 Rendered DataPages Fixed localization issue in HTML editor.
99260 Rendered DataPages Fixed issue with Rules in responsive rendering of DataPages.
110051 Triggered Actions Fixed issue in Triggered Actions and Tasks where incorrect limit was applied to HIPAA and Compliance plans.
110229 Rendered DataPages Fixed issue with iFrame deployment in WordPress.
110239 Rendered DataPages Fixed issue with parameters in iFrame deployment.
114844 Rendered DataPages Fixed issue with field label position when field was conditionally required by Rules.
116088 DataPage Wizard Fixed validation issue for Text255 fields configured as Text Area form elements.
116890 Rendered DataPages Fixed style issue in calendar popup in responsive rendering of DataPages.
119741 Tasks Fixed validation issue in Tasks interface on Safari browsers.
120960 Rendered DataPages Fixed issue with dropdown, listbox and autocomplete fields in search forms viewed on mobile devices.
123299 Rendered DataPages Fixed rendering issue when viewing details pages of very large data sets.
123409 PDF Report Generation Fixed issue with parameters containing special characters in PDF files.

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