This release includes enhancements to Styles and Localizations, performance improvements, and bug fixes.

Release Notes

New Style and Localization Templates

Styles and Localizations are now available as centralized templates that are accessible to your apps, but no longer are stored inside your account. This helps to improve the performance of your applications.

To create your own custom Style or Localization, you can use a template as a starting point and make the modifications you require. The custom version will then be available in the Styles and Localizations areas of your account.

No action from you is required and the look and feel and behavior of your applications will not be affected. Your existing Styles and Localizations will be handled as follows:

  • Styles and Localizations used in your DataPages will continue to function normally.
  • Unused Styles and Localizations will be deleted from your account. All the Localizations are available as templates and most Styles can be replaced with new-and-improved templates.

To apply the new templates to your apps, open the DataPage Wizard and select your preferred template from the Style and Localization dropdowns.

Learn more about Styles and Localizations.

New-and-Improved Styles

We have introduced six new professionally-designed Style templates offering a more modern look-and-feel for your applications.

Other Enhancements

  • Updates to Caspio’s file handling, which allow for exciting new capabilities in the next release.
  • Performance improvements in REST API, resulting in reduced API call counts for all methods.

Bug Fixes

65454User LogsFixed issue where user information was not shown for Password Reset and Password Recovery events.
71889RulesFixed issue in Forms and Detail Pages where File fields did not display as expected when used in Rules.
72506Tabular ReportsFixed issue in Tabular Reports where grouping labels did not show the correct Display Value.
72974, 73583, 73424Rendered DataPagesFixed error in Calculated Values when Virtual Fields were used in certain expressions.
57722Rendered DataPagesFixed issue in .Net deployment for DataPages displaying Google Maps.
73260Map MashupFixed issue in Map Mashup Wizard where Latitude, Longitude and Address fields did not display.
73829FilesFixed issue in rare situations where moving files into a FileStor folder was not successful.
74066Triggered ActionsFixed issue opening a Triggered Action from the Properties view when its name contained a period.
74217Triggered ActionsFixed error creating an Update Triggered Action with a concatenation function that contained a select statement.

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