Release Notes

Enhancements to Document Generation

In document generation, you can now map templates to views in addition to tables.

We also introduced more data formatting options, including regional settings to influence how text, numeric, currency and date/time values appear in your generated PDF documents.

Additionally, it’s now possible to duplicate a template with all of its mapping settings and save different versions of the template.

Last, you can now configure the Adobe document properties such as title, description, and other metadata.

Learn more about Document Generation.

Enhancements to Account Usage Screen

Under Plan and Billing, the Usage screen now includes a monthly usage view, interactive charts for SMS notifications, and a new download option to save usage data in .xlsx or .csv.

Learn more about Account Usage Statistics.


Please note the upcoming feature deprecations listed below. If you utilize these features, you may need to take action before the retirement date to minimize the impact on your applications.

Additionally, Microsoft Access data imports will no longer support automatic import of relationships, unique field status or field descriptions. After this release, these settings will need to be recreated in Caspio.

Learn more about Deprecations and their retirement dates.

Bug Fixes

111627Triggered actionsFixed validation in triggered actions when table no longer exists.
114761Triggered actionsFixed issue with triggered actions after app duplication.
151705Triggered actionsFixed issue with Autonumber data type fields used in a “Contains” function.
166186DataPagesFixed issue with grid-edit mode in Report DataPages.
167864Triggered actionsFixed issue with mismatched data type in Date/Time fields used in the “For each” block in triggered actions.
168505Triggered actionsFixed issue concatenating string values in “Where” statements.
168816REST APIFixed status response for disabled on-demand data import/export tasks.
169788DataPagesFixed issue in cascading AutoComplete fields using lookups with long text.
172678Payment processorsFixed issue with PayPal authentication.
172687DataPagesFixed issue with DataPage load time after record update.
174696Custom PDF generatorUpdated the custom PDF generator with a new file rendering method utilizing current browser standards.
178774UsageFixed issue with calculating the usage of SMS/email notifications and API calls.

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