Release Notes

Custom Domains

We are excited to announce the release of custom domains, which enable you to use your own domain for your Caspio-powered applications.

Using your own domain not only helps you maintain your company name and brand on your DataPage URLs, it also can address third-party cookie issues that your users might encounter with their browser.

Caspio Domains is available to select Caspio plans.

Learn more about Custom Domains.

Enhancements to AI Assistant

We continue to add more capabilities to Caspio’s AI Assistant to help you automate, simplify, and streamline application development using artificial intelligence.

In this release, we added:

  • Enhanced, interactive chat experience
  • Preview of the proposed table structure before generation
  • Alternative table proposals based on the same request
  • Option to hide or show the AI Assistant panel
  • Option for account owners to turn AI Assistant on or off

With this release, AI Assistant is available for HIPAA and Compliance plans. Account owners can turn it on in the account settings.

Learn more about AI Assistant.

Enhancements to Caspio Webhooks

Caspio Webhooks allows your applications to communicate with third-party systems in real time when data changes occur.

With this release, Caspio Webhooks is available for HIPAA and Compliance plans.

Learn more about Caspio Webhooks.

Enhancements to Caspio Directories

Caspio Directories is our turnkey identity and access management for your app users.    

We added:

  • Option to customize email templates for notifications sent from directories
  • Ability to remove Caspio branding from user portal pages and emails

Learn more about Caspio Directories.


Please note the upcoming feature deprecations listed below. If you use these features, you may need to take action before the retirement date to minimize the impact on your applications.

Learn more about deprecations and their retirement dates.

Bug Fixes

ID Area Description
187779 DataPages Fixed issue with the orphan files cleanup procedure.
222415 DataPages Fixed issue with form layout styles not applied for rows in responsive DataPages.
222726 Tables Fixed issue with showing all expected tables in the relationship layout.
224547 DataPages Enhanced filtering conditions for the List data type by adding filtering options for blank fields.
225701 DataPages Fixed issue with the behavior of the Enter key in text areas.
226775 DataPages Fixed issue with search behavior to display new search results on the initial page.