Caspio 9.5 is scheduled for release in mid-December. The following is a list of product areas and functions that will be impacted in this release.

Lookup Fields in Charts and Pivot Drilldown Reports

Change areaRendered DataPages
Impact areaLookup Fields in Charts and Pivot Drilldown Reports

In Caspio 9.2, a new option was added to the Relationship Settings dialog providing the ability to select a user-friendly “Display Value” to be shown in Reports (instead of the ID of the parent field).

Starting in version 9.5, this setting will also apply to Chart DataPages and Pivot Drilldown Reports.

Additionally, the Display Value will be automatically formatted according to its data type (instead of the Parent Field’s data type).

Enhancements to Sticky Header Row and Fixed Columns

Change areaRendered DataPages
Impact areaTabular Reports with Sticky Header Row or Fixed Columns Enabled

In previous releases, we introduced Sticky Header Row and Fixed Column features to improve the usability of Tabular Reports so that the header row and a specific number of columns remain visible as the user scrolls.

Starting in Caspio 9.5, these features have been enhanced so that action-related elements also remain visible while scrolling (Search Again, Download, Sorting, Paging, Record Count, etc.).

Additionally, when Sticky Header Row or Fixed Columns are enabled, the background color will default to white if no background color is defined in the Style.