In Caspio, you can use objects associated with one app easily in another app. These are called shared objects and are shown with a special icon as shown below.

Sample list of objects with selected shared objects.

Sharing an Object

An object that is used in other apps automatically becomes a shared object.

You can also manually share an object by completing the following steps:

  1. Point to an object and click More > Share.
  2. In the Share Table Between Apps dialog box, select theapp with which to share the object.
    The Share table between apps dialog box showing a list of apps that can share an object.
  3. Click Share. The share icon is attached to the object (if it does not already have the icon) to indicate that it is now currently shared with multiple apps.

Key Points About Shared Objects

  • You can share Table, View, Authentication, Connection, Style, and Localization objects.
  • DataPages cannot be shared but they can be copied into another app.
  • Although a shared object can appear in multiple apps, there is only one version of it. Any change to the shared object affects all the apps that use that shared object.
  • If a shared object is no longer in use in an app, you can detach it from the app. Point to the object and click More > Detach. Confirm the detachment on the message box that appears.
  • If the Detach option is disabled for an object, the object is currently in use within the app.
  • If you delete a shared object, all its dependent objects in all the apps that are using it are also affected. In some cases, you can not remove an object while it is in use.