Release Notes

New Features and Enhancements

Loops and Variables in Triggered Actions and Tasks

  • A new “Variable” block is available to assign a value to a custom variable and use it in the application logic.
  • A new “While” block is available to create loop conditions that execute repeated actions.

Learn more about Triggered Actions and Tasks.

Wildcard Characters in Search

Report DataPages have a new option to use wildcard characters (e.g. % _ [ ] ^ - ) in searches for Equal comparison type.

Learn more about Comparison Types in Report DataPages.

Enhanced OneDrive Connector in Data Import/Export Tasks

Caspio’s connector to OneDrive cloud storage now supports OneDrive Business accounts and provides a visual way to navigate and select a file. Existing OneDrive connections can simply re-authorize to use these new features.

Learn more about Configuring a Repository Site.

Logout Destination URL

The logout destination URL in application authentication can now be constructed using multiple App Parameters.

New Sections in Styles

New sections are added in the Styles Wizard for the following elements: multi-select dropdown and list box, inline edit and add, and missing required form elements.

Account Search for Tasks

It is now possible to search for a Task using the Search function in your account.

Formula Field Length

Non-unique Formula Field can now support more than 255 characters.

Bug Fixes

ID Area Description
77647 Email Notification Fixed an issue where a List-String field value was not passed to To field in Notification Email after bulk update action.
78292 Rendered DataPages Fixed sorting error by Date/Time field in Tabular Report DataPage.
78946 SMS Notification Fixed SMS delivery error for phone numbers without country code.
79131 Rendered DataPages Fixed validation issue for date/time comparison in Calculated Field.
79285 System Parameters Fixed issue where system parameters did not function correctly using Safari in Private Browsing mode.
79301 Rendered DataPages Fixed issue where autocomplete did not function correctly when multiple DataPages were deployed in the same HTML page.
79330 Rendered DataPages Fixed UI issue in List Box form element.
79375 DataPage Wizard Fixed issue where Date/Time formatting option was not available for Calculated Fields.
81550 Pivot Table Report Fixed issue in Drilldown Reports when the pivot column name contained a “+” symbol.

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