Watch the video below to see a quick summary of the 35.0 release:

Release Notes

Caspio Directories (Beta)

As we continue to enhance Caspio Directories during the beta period, we are pleased to announce that the feature is now available to customers across more Caspio plans.

Free Explore Build Grow Corporate
App users Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Directories 1 3 3 5 100
Self-serve user portal Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Security policies (2FA) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
App connections - - - 3 10+
Identity providers - - - - Included

Additionally, we improved the following based on customer feedback:

  • We added a single sign-out mechanism so users who log out from a Caspio app are simultaneously logged out from the directory
  • You can now enable an email reminder to automatically notify users about their upcoming password expiration
  • For security governance purposes, access to Directories is now restricted to account owners and administrators.

Learn more about Directories (Beta).

Enhancements to Document Generation

We introduced several improvements to document generation. During template mapping, you can now:

  • Customize the font size and style of Caspio's predefined fonts
  • Define the data formatting to match allowed values in listbox, dropdown and radio button fields
  • Utilize table relationships in custom value mapping, so that the display value can be inserted as a parameter.

To improve usability, we added some new icons and renamed “Templates” to “Document templates”.

Learn more about Document Generation.

Account Alias

It’s now possible to rename your Caspio account with a user-friendly alias so it’s easy to recognize and remember. The account alias appears in the top right corner of your screen, and you can also quickly switch between multiple accounts using the same menu.


Please note the feature deprecations listed below. If you utilize these features, you may need to take action before the retirement date to minimize the impact on your applications.

  • Google Map Mashup generator
  • SEO deployment method
  • WordPress deployment
  • SOAP Web Services

Learn more about Deprecations and their retirement dates.

Bug Fixes

ID Area Description
181595 DataPage wizard Fixed issue with calculated values in Submission Forms converted to Update Forms.
182026 Triggered actions Fixed issue with block behavior when editing triggered actions.
182886 DataPages Fixed issue with text area size when rich text editor is enabled.
183791 DataPages Fixed issue with formatting time values.
186036 Triggered actions Fixed issue in triggered actions performance. As a result, we changed the behavior of JOIN statements containing empty values. For all data types except Text (255) and Yes/No, JOIN statements will now ignore empty values.
186053 PDF download Fixed issue in downloaded PDF files when formatting is set to “None”.
186078 DataPages Fixed issue passing parameters for List-String values containing commas.
188141 Import/Export Fixed issue importing Excel files containing hyperlinks.

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