Watch the video below to see a quick summary of the 32.0 release:

Release Notes

Worldwide SMS Notifications

We are excited to announce that SMS notifications now support more than 200 countries worldwide. You can configure your SMS-enabled countries in the Account Settings. Starting in this release, the unit for SMS notification usage is credits. The credit cost per SMS message varies depending on the recipient country. Your allocation of SMS credits is based on your Caspio plan. Learn more about SMS Notifications.

Enhancements to Document Generation

We have enhanced the field mapping capabilities in document generation, allowing you to map any field in a table, use a selected part of a value, adjust date formatting, and more. Additionally, a new Generated files column in the templates listing provides the total number of PDF files generated from a given template. Learn more about Document Generation.

Enhancements to Email and Domain Authentication

As part of our ongoing improvements to email verification, it’s now easier to replace a given “From” email address across multiple objects in your Caspio account. We also simplified how to select a verified “From” email address using a dropdown in DataPages, Tasks and Triggered Actions. Caspio recommends that you verify your email addresses before the deprecation of unverified email adresses, currently scheduled for July 11, 2022. Learn more about Email and Domain Authentication.

Enhancements to Account Usage Screen

The Usage screen in Plan and Billing was updated to include more detailed resource utilization information, including interactive charts for email notifications, document generation, data import/export task runs and API calls. Learn more about Account Usage Statistics.

Enhancements to Support Chat

You can now move the Caspio Support chat icon to any position on the screen for improved ease of use.

Bug Fixes

ID Area Description
92872 Triggered Actions Fixed issue with variables in Exists/Not Exists blocks.
97604 Triggered Action Fixed issue in Where statements containing concatenated string values.
109783 Triggered Actions Fixed issue validating Then statements containing Case blocks with #record fields.
127688 Tasks Fixed issue validating #record fields using Contains operator.
132174 Tasks Fixed issue sorting tasks by last run time.
144944 Localizations Fixed issue with custom formatting of Yes/No fields.
148941 Triggered Actions Fixed issue with #record fields used in If blocks.
150021 Triggered Actions Fixed issue comparing numerical data type fields with Null values.
153390 Triggered Actions, Tables Fixed issue with bulk-delete in tables activating a Triggered Action.
154505 Rendered DataPages Fixed issue with hidden form elements when field values are received as parameters on page load.
158091 PDF Download Fixed issue opening PDF documents on mobile devices.
161129 Rendered DataPages Fixed issue with Inline/Grid Edit of formula fields.
161130 Rendered DataPages Fixed issue in cascading Date/Time fields when field is non-editable.
162077 DataPages Fixed issue validating certain Rules.
162953 Triggered Actions Fixed issue validating random IDs in text fields.
162957 Triggered Actions Fixed issue validating scalar variables used in substring functions.
163152 CSV Download Fixed issue with CSV file extensions downloaded from mobile devices.
163491 Connections Fixed issue in Connections using Twitter as a connection.
163576 REST API Fixed issue in REST API where affected records incorrectly show as 0.
164038 Calculated Field FFixed issue in Calculated Fields when checkbox was selected by default.
164975 Rendered DataPages Fixed issue with calendar picker for disabled Date/Time fields.
166483 Triggered Actions Fixed issue in Triggered Actions updating decimal values.
166510 Rendered DataPages Fixed issue in parameters for virtual fields set to AutoValue.
169756 PDF Download Fixed issue with showing download link on confirmation screens after deleting records.

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