Introductory Topics

creating a web form

Create a Web Form

This video series takes you through building your first web form. Create your table first, then build a submission form DataPage, and finally deploy your web form to a website.

creating a searchable database

Create a Searchable Database

Create a web interface to search through your database records. First you will learn how to import a table, then create a searchable Report DataPage.

password protection

Password Protection

To protect your data from unauthorized users, you can password-protect your app using authentication. These videos will show you how to create authentication tables and user profiles, as well as logout links and password recovery.

Intermediate Topics

styling an application

Styling Your Web Applications

Learn how to quickly style your Caspio web applications to match your website design without HTML or CSS coding.

database from excel

Create a Database from Excel

In this tutorial, you will learn to move your Excel spreadsheets onto the cloud and create submission forms and reports using the Caspio Bridge online database builder.

advanced reporting

Advanced Reporting

Take a look at Caspio Bridge’s Advanced Reporting features which include calculations, record grouping, and totals and aggregation.

record level security

Record Level Security

To maintain data integrity, apply RLS to control access to specific records based on the identified user. See how to restrict access to records by user or role, and then create a filtered report and dropdown using RLS.

registration process

Display Results on a Separate Web Page

Send your users to a separate results page on your site that you choose and customize their experience on your site.

Embed a Google Map in Your Website

Embed a Google Map in Your Website

Learn how to integrate Caspio with Google maps to plot address-centric data on your website. Caspio’s Map Mashup uses the Google Maps API to provide many powerful customization and interactivity options.

Advanced Topics

User-Specific Redirect After Login

Create User-Specific Redirect After Login

In this video, we’ll show you how to create single a login page for a multi-user web application. The login page automatically redirects users based on 3 user roles: administrator, manager and employee.


Connections for Social Login

With Caspio Connections, you can gather demographic information about your app users and allow them to access your apps with their social profiles.

ID Services

Authentication with ID Services

With Caspio’s ID Services integration, signing up for your applications is easier than ever. This tutorial will take you through enabling authentication with social profile accounts such as Google, Facebook, Twitter or OpenID.


Create a Pivot Table Report

Pivot tables are a great tool to quickly summarize data and view information from different perspectives.

Creating a One-to-Many Relationship

Create a One-to-Many Relationship

Learn how to create a one-to-many relationship using Caspio’s database application builder. This video shows you how to create child forms and child reports in Caspio by passing parameters using a unique ID to connect parent and child records.

Full Implementation Tutorials

User Login and Registration Process

Create a User Registration Process

In this video, we’ll show you how to create a user login screen and multi-step user registration process.

Classified Ad System

Create a Classified Ad System

Learn how to create an online classified ad system and embed it on your own website. In this step-by-step video, you will see how to use Caspio’s app builder to create a fully-functional classifieds application.