Authorization Header

Every request to REST API Resources URLs must contain an authorization header:
Parameter name:  Authorization
Parameter value: Bearer <access token value>

Content-Type Header

All POST, PUT, and DELETE methods must contain Content-Type header below or 415 Unsupported Media Type will be returned.
Parameter name:  Content-Type
Parameter value: application/json

JSON and XML Response Formats

You can choose between two response formats: json (default) and xml. To change response format, you must add one of the following headers to your request:
Parameter name:  Accept
Parameter value: application/json   or   application/xml

HIPAA Audit Log for REST API

You can choose to include this header parameter to allow logging of information to HIPAA audit logs. This is applicable only to HIPAA level Caspio accounts. This is applicable for both tables and views.
Parameter name:  Principal
Parameter value: {information for logging}