This release introduces SMS messaging in DataPages, usability enhancements, performance improvements, security updates, and bug fixes.

Release Notes

SMS Messaging in DataPages

You can configure your Caspio applications to send automatic SMS messages whenever data is submitted, modified, or deleted in DataPages. You can add SMS messages to Submission Forms, Update Forms, and Report DataPages and personalize the content by inserting dynamic fields (similar to acknowledgement and notification emails).

This feature currently supports US and Canadian phone numbers and is available in Build plans and higher.  We are providing support for more regions in a future update.

Smaller Enhancements

  • Triggered Actions and Tasks include a logic block for CASE-WHEN-ELSE statements.
  • Tasks are included in the App import and export.
  • Calculated Values can use other Calculated Values in Submission Forms.
  • When you enable two-factor authentication for your Caspio account, you have an option to print offline codes in case you are unable to use your mobile phone or Google Authenticator app.

Bug Fixes

66148, 66152DataPagesFixed issue in multi-select dropdowns where values did not read correctly in the JAWS screen reader (for the visually impaired).
66268Triggered ActionsFixed error inserting fields named “Message”.
64126Triggered ActionsFixed issue where inserted fields did not appear in email messages when multiple email blocks were used in a Triggered Action.
66576DataPagesFixed error message appearing in web browser developer consoles for AJAX enabled DataPages with custom JavaScript.
66609Application ExportFixed issue exporting files where the “More” link to display additional files was not displayed.
66808Data Import/Export TasksFixed issue exporting Excel files to Google Drive.
67116Rendered DataPagesFixed issue in Text Areas where a new line could not be entered in the bulk edit forms.
67347AuthenticationFixed issue when a field used in authentication was made non-unique.
67526Rendered DataPagesFixed issue in inline editing where the record index changed to 0 if edits were canceled.
67325Data Import/Export TasksFixed issue the import of tasks over HTTPS.

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