Caspio 9.3 is scheduled to be released at the end July. The following is a list of product areas and functions that will be impacted in this release.

End of Support of Internet Explorer 8, 9, & 10

Change areaSystem Requirements
Impact areaAll deployed DataPages and the Caspio administrative interface

In order to maintain the latest browser security and compatibility standards, the System Requirements for deployed DataPages and the Caspio platform administrative interface has been updated in anticipation of the upcoming 9.3 release.

Starting in version 9.3, deployed DataPages viewed in Internet Explorer 8, 9, and 10 browsers will display the following message above the DataPage: “Your browser is not fully supported. Please use a recent version of a mainstream browser.”

This message will display in the language selected in the DataPage Localization and can be customized or removed in Localizations and Styles.

Similarly, the Caspio administrative interface will display a warning message when accessed with an unsupported browser. It is important for Caspio administrative users to upgrade to the latest version of supported browsers, as older versions do not utilize the latest security standards and will no longer be tested or supported by Caspio.

Update to Relationship Lookup Fields

Change areaDataPage deployment
Impact areaReports with lookup fields enabled

In Caspio 9.2, a new option was added to the Relationship Settings dialog providing the ability to select a user-friendly “Display Value” to be shown in Reports (instead of the ID of the parent field, for example).

Starting in Caspio 9.3, this setting will automatically apply to the Details Page and Form DataPages as a feature enhancement.

Additionally, the Display Value in Reports, Details Pages, and Forms DataPages will be automatically formatted according to its data type (instead of the Parent Field’s data type).

SEO Deployment No Longer Available in HIPAA & Compliance Editions

Change area DataPage deployment
Impact area HIPAA & Compliance Accounts
Description As an additional security safeguard, the SEO Deployment feature will no longer be available in HIPAA and Compliance accounts.

Change to DataPage Rollover Functions

Change areaRendered DataPages
Impact area

“Mouseover” and “mouseout” rollover functions (i.e. row hovering on


Caspio’s built-in rollover functions in DataPages were previously implemented using JavaScript. Starting in 9.3, the JavaScript code will be replaced with standard CSS (classname:hover).

If you have inserted custom scripts to append additional events to Caspio’s “mouseover” and “mouseout” JavaScript functions, you will need to update your script to be independent, or change it to CSS (classname:hover).