The Caspio administrative interface and deployed applications are tested with and support current versions of the following mainstream browsers on Windows, Mac OS*, iOS and Android operating systems:

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11
  • Apple Safari*

While it is possible to access Caspio with some older browsers, we highly recommend using the latest stable versions for optimal usability and security.


In Safari versions 13.0 and higher, the new Apple Intelligent Tracking Prevention feature limits the sharing of cookies and other session data when cross-site tracking prevention is enabled. This limitation has widespread impact on software applications relying on cookies, including Caspio applications. As a result, some Safari users cannot log in to Caspio applications or have issues filtering data in reports. Please refer to your browser’s documentation for information on cross-site tracking prevention for Mac OS, iOS on iPhone and iOS on iPad.

We recommend using a different browser when accessing Caspio applications. Alternatively, you can advise impacted Safari users to disable the cross-site tracking prevention option, as some users had success with this workaround.

Caspio applications currently display a default system message to Safari users which notifies them to use a different browser. The message can be customized in Localizations.

Session Cookies

Caspio uses session cookies for its operation. Refer to your browser’s documentation for information on enabling cookies.


Caspio requires the use of JavaScript. Some firewalls and high-security environments disable JavaScript.