If you are currently using Caspio REST API version 1, we highly recommend to migrate to version 2 to experience new features, including Swagger UI, new operations, and new endpoints. For more information about the release of Caspio REST API v2 in April 2018, see Caspio 12.0 Release Notes.

To migrate your application to REST API v2, you need to update base URL for REST API endpoints in your application from https://<your-integration-URL>.caspio.com/rest/v1 to https://<your-integration-URL>.caspio.com/rest/v2.

For example, if you used https://<your-integration-URL>.caspio.com/rest/v1/tables in your application, you will need to update it to https://<your-integration-URL>.caspio.com/rest/v2/tables.

Additionally, there are other changes to query parameters and endpoint URLs in REST API v2 as described below.

  1. Changes in DataPage endpoints - DataPage endpoints is now grouped together with Application endpoints.
  2. Changes in Table and View endpoints:
    • rows was changed to records (e.g. rest/v1/tables/{tableName}/rows is now rest/v2/tables/{tableName}/records)
    • columns was changed to fields
  3. Changes in JSON encoded query string parameter (q) to individual query string parameters
    • In REST API v1
      q={“select”:”fields list”,”where”:”WHERE condition”,”groupby”:”grouping fields list”,”orderby”:”ordering fields list”,”limit”:<rows count>,”pageNumber”:<page number>,”pageSize”:<rows per page>}
    • In REST API v2
      q.select=<fields list>&q.where=<WHERE condition>&q.groupBy=<grouping fields list>&q.orderBy=<ordering fields list>&q.limit=<rows count>&q.pageNumber=<page number>&q.pageSize=<rows per page>

Full list of REST API v2 operations is available on Swagger U