To migrate your application to REST API v2, you need to update base URL for REST API endpoints in your application from https://<your-integration-URL> to https://<your-integration-URL> For example, if you used https://<your-integration-URL> in your application, you will need to update it to https://<your-integration-URL> Additionally, there are other changes to query parameters and endpoint URLs in REST API v2 as described below.
  1. Changes in DataPage endpoints - DataPage endpoints is now grouped together with Application endpoints.
  2. Changes in Table and View endpoints:
    • rows was changed to records (e.g. rest/v1/tables/{tableName}/rows is now rest/v2/tables/{tableName}/records)
    • columns was changed to fields
  3. Changes in JSON encoded query string parameter (q) to individual query string parameters
    • In REST API v1 q={“select”:”fields list”,”where”:”WHERE condition”,”groupby”:”grouping fields list”,”orderby”:”ordering fields list”,”limit”:<rows count>,”pageNumber”:<page number>,”pageSize”:<rows per page>}
    • In REST API v2<fields list>&q.where=<WHERE condition>&q.groupBy=<grouping fields list>&q.orderBy=<ordering fields list>&q.limit=<rows count>&q.pageNumber=<page number>&q.pageSize=<rows per page>
Full list of REST API v2 operations is available on Swagger UI.