Before you start implementing webhooks to automate integrations of your services, learn about the limits that apply.

Note: Only account owners and administrators have access to Caspio Webhooks.


The maximum size of a webhook message is 10 MB. Any messages that exceed this limit will not be sent.


In a single webhook, you cannot create two events with the same configuration. For each table in one outgoing webhook, you can define: 

  • One table.recordInsert event  
  • One table.recordDelete event 
  • One table.recordUpdate event for all fields or multiple table.recordUpdate events for different columns in a table 

You can configure your webhook to send messages based on the following events: 

ObjectActionWebhook Supported
DataPage All single and bulk operations Yes
REST API All single and bulk operations Yes


Create record
Update record
Delete record 
Replace value in records
Delete all records
Delete table
Change table design 
Import  No
Data import/export task No
Triggered action No
Application task No

Note: Webhooks work only on tables that do not have any triggered actions enabled for the same event. 

Payload customization

The payload structure is predefined and consists of two parts. The first part contains the metadata of the webhook message, while the second part provides the data itself, that is, information about the table fields and their values. You can customize your payload by adding or removing table fields from the data part only. 

Plan limitations

The following options are available to select plans: 

  • Access to multicast webhooks 
  • Higher maximum call throttling limit