Watch the video below to see a quick summary of the 43.0 release:

Release Notes

AI Assistant

As we embark on our new, exciting mission of integrating AI technology with the functionalities available in Caspio, we are happy to introduce AI Assistant – our latest feature developed to automate, simplify, and streamline application development using artificial intelligence.

In this release, AI Assistant can suggest table design and fields required for your application, reducing the need for manual table creation.

A series of views showing a list of tables with the AI Assistant panel available on the side and a sample table generated based on the prompt.

Learn more about AI Assistant.

Caspio Webhooks

We are pleased to announce that Caspio Webhooks is now released for general availability for select Caspio plans. Webhooks allow your applications to communicate with third-party systems in real time when data changes occur. 

We also introduced the ability to customize your outgoing payload to match the requirements of the receiving service precisely. Now, in many situations, you can connect Caspio directly to thousands of services without having to use a third-party integration service.

Learn more about Caspio Webhooks.

Enhancements to Document Generation

Document generation populates PDF files with values from your Caspio database, so app users can easily download pre-filled PDF files with real-time data. 

In this release, we added:

  • The option to enable password protection for generated PDF documents.
  • The ability to replace PDF templates while preserving existing mapping configurations.
  • The option to apply custom number formatting to values.

Learn more about Document Generation.

Enhancements to Caspio Directories

Caspio Directories is our turnkey identity and access management for your app users.    

In this release, we enabled:

  • Page redirection options for sign-in and sign-out.
  • Single logout (SLO) from third-party connected apps, so users are automatically logged out from the directory when logging out from a connected app.
  • Ability to display a custom background image on the sign-in page, providing you with another way to customize your app’s login experience.

Learn more about Caspio Directories.

Bug Fixes

ID Area Description
179527, 214242 Logs Fixed issue with a blank logs page.
218797, 225390 DataPages Fixed a system error in Tabular Reports/Pivot Tables with grouping by a date/time field that uses milliseconds.
218798 DataPages Fixed issue with data download in Tabular Reports with grouping by a date/time field that uses milliseconds.
219962 REST API Fixed issue with using COUNT(*) and COUNT (*).
220423 Authentication Fixed issue with page timeout in Safari.
222494 DataPages Fixed issue with file download in Chrome and Safari.
222515 Localization Fixed issue with an incorrect error message for supported localizations.
222728 Import Fixed issue with importing date values in an incorrect format.
224923 PDF download Fixed issue with downloading PDF files when data grouping is enabled on Report DataPages.