Release Notes

Enhancements to Caspio Webhooks

Caspio Webhooks allows your applications to communicate with third-party systems in real time when changes to data occur.

In this release, we introduced the following updates:

  • In non-HIPAA/Compliance accounts, webhooks logs now show the information sent and received.
  • All accounts, including HIPAA/Compliance, now can:
    • Send webhooks based on table events initiated by triggered actions and tasks.
    • Configure webhooks for tables with triggered actions enabled for the same event as the webhook. 
  • A single REST API call can be used to activate or deactivate all events for a selected webhook.

Learn more about Caspio Webhooks.


In this release, the following deprecations reached their retirement dates:

The Deprecation of SOAP Web Service is approaching its retirement date on June 3, 2024.

Learn more about deprecations and their retirement dates.

Bug Fixes

ID Area Description
236119 DataPages Fixed issue with blank values appearing after an unsuccessful update.
237581 DataPages Fixed issue with submitting calculated values using a SELECT parameter in a specific way.
237541 Webhooks Fixed issue with certain time values displayed with fractional seconds. All time values now show integer seconds.
237542 Webhooks Fixed issue with empty values displaying differently in custom payloads and default payloads. All empty values are now shown in a unified way.