Release Notes

New Features and Enhancements

Improved Support for Browsers with Disabled Third-Party Cookies

Safari browsers on desktop and mobile have begun to block third-party cookies by default. While users can enable third-party cookies, we are providing support to ensure non-authenticated DataPages work properly with or without them.

Authenticated DataPages continue to require third-party cookies to be enabled. App users will see a message that instructs them on how to resolve the issue. See System Requirements for information on how to enable cookies in your browser.

Bug Fixes

ID Area Description
79372 DataPage Wizard Fixed issue where form destination could not be configured in the DataPage wizard under certain conditions.
86378 PDF Report Fixed issue where aggregations did not display correctly in PDF Reports.
88692 Rendered DataPages Fixed issue where lookup value of a field was not populated in the destination URL after form submission.
92405 Rendered DataPages Fixed issue where DataPage headers did not receive parameters.
94281 Triggered Actions/Tasks Fixed issue where triggered actions and tasks did not display correctly while editing.
98573 DataPage Wizard Fixed issue where Rules could not be configured properly for 10th or higher virtual field.
101601 Zapier Integration Fixed issue where Zapier data updates did not execute correctly.
102073 SMS Notifications

Fixed issue where long multipart SMS messages were not counted correctly in SMS logs resulting in incorrectly lower usage count.

103550 Rendered DataPages Fixed issue where field labels were not hidden by Rule in Submission Form.

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