Release Notes

Redesigned User Logs (Beta)

As part of an ongoing feature enhancement, the User Logs feature has been redesigned with a more functional and streamlined user interface. While the previous interface is still accessible, the new UI is available as a beta release with the click of a button.

In future updates, we plan to offer more drilldown capabilities and additional log types such as email and SMS notification logs. 

Learn more about User Logs.


New Caspio Support Portal

We are excited to announce the release of a new Caspio Support Portal. The portal includes an improved user experience and expands support to all account users, in addition to account owners.

Feature highlights:

  • All active users can access the new portal using their Caspio ID login credentials, including two-factor authentication if enabled.
  • Multiple users can be included on the same ticket (account owner is automatically added).
  • If an issue results in Caspio Support opening a bug, the bug ID will appear in the ticket for future tracking purposes.
  • If a user has multiple Caspio accounts, all tickets will be available using the same login.

New tickets can be created in the new portal, while any remaining open tickets will be accessible in the previous system until the end of July 2021.


Bug Fixes

105675 Import/Export Fixed issue with importing DataPages with formula fields containing authentication parameters.
117748 Triggered Actions Fixed issue with configuring fields in SELECT blocks of Triggered Actions.
118879 Triggered Actions Fixed issue with enabling multiple Triggered Actions for the same triggered event.
120048 Tabular Reports Fixed issue with sticky header on authenticated Tabular Reports.
122309 Authentication Fixed issue with Display Only fields in Authentications.
122887 Triggered Actions Fixed issue with incorrect records count when using DISTINCT in SELECT statements.
123036 Rules Fixed issue with Rules where some fields were not hidden as expected in Chrome and Edge browsers.
123193 DataPages Fixed issue with error log entries related to Calculated Field parameters in Header/Footer.
123219 DataPages Fixed styling issue with placeholder text for input fields.
123356 DataPages Fixed issue with TimeStamp form element.
125977 Import/Export Fixed issue importing apps containing application notes.
126784 DataPages Fixed issue with record level security when authenticating with Google ID.
127250 Triggered Actions Fixed issue with renaming fields used in both Table Variables and Triggered Actions.
128179 DataPages Fixed issue with CAPTCHA verification in a payment forms.

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