To view all available templates in your account, select Document templates from the side menu.

Sample list of document templates showing the number of generated files, the data source and its type, and the DataPages where the templates are used.

You can perform the following actions on each template:

  • Edit – click Edit to open a detailed view of a template or start field mapping.

To get access to more options, click More. Then, you can select:

  • Rename – to change the name of a template.
  • Duplicate to copy a template with the existing mapping and configuration. 
  • Download – to download a source PDF file based on which a template was created. You can use it to create another template in a current or different account.
  • Delete – to delete a template.

The columns in the list of templates provide the following details:

Column Description
Name Descriptive label for the template.
Generated files Number of documents generated from a given template since it was created.
Data source

Object whose fields are mapped as the source of data for the template fields.

An icon indicates the object type.

Data source type Type of object that provides the data (for example, table, view, or directory). You can use this column to group templates by data source type. By default, the column is hidden.
Used in DataPages DataPages that use the template.
When you hover over a field in this column, a tooltip shows the DataPage names that use a given template grouped by application.
Last generated Date and time when the template was last used to generate a PDF document. 
Last modified Date and time of the last update.
Modified by User that made the last update.
Created Date and time of template creation.
Created by User that created the template.

Additionally, you can modify the templates view to display only the data you want to see. 

  • To show or hide the columns on the list, select Columns on the right and select or clear checkboxes for columns. You can also group the templates by columns by dragging and dropping the columns into the Row Groups section. 
  • To filter the data to match specific criteria, select Filters on the right and apply the preferred filters. 
  • To sort the list by many columns, click the first column name, then press the Shift button and click the name of any other column you want to sort the list by.  
  • To reset the display settings of the templates view, click any column and select Reset Columns.