This section lists product areas and functions that will be affected by Caspio 19.0. Follow the recommended actions below to minimize the impact to your applications.

Date/Time Data Type Enhancement

In preparation for a future release, we have enhanced the Date/Time data type in Tables to support better precision and wider date ranges. Existing Date/Time fields are not impacted and no immediate action is necessary. However, when creating or importing new Date/Time fields after the 19.0 release, the following functions will be impacted:
  • GetUTCDate() function is no longer supported in Calculated Values and Calculated Fields. Use SysUTCDateTime() to get the UTC date.
  • IsDate() function is no longer supported in Calculated Values and Calculated Fields. Use Try_Convert() function to check if a field is a date field. For example, Try_Convert(datetime, '12/31/2018') returns null if the value is not a date/time value.
  • Adding date/time intervals using a simple “+” operation is no longer supported in Formula Fields, Calculated Values and Calculated Fields. Use DateAdd() to add date/time intervals.
  • Using IsNull() in Formula Fields, Calculated Values and Calculated Fields will only accept date/time values for the replacement value.
Exported applications that utilize the above functions may result in import errors. Please update these functions as suggested and re-export your application again.

Map Marker Clustering Deprecation on October 1, 2019

The marker clustering feature in Caspio’s Map Mashup will be deprecated on October 1, 2019 due to the third-party provider no longer supporting this option. If your existing applications utilize marker clustering in Google Maps, remove the below script from your map deployment code to avoid JavaScript errors:
<script type="text/javascript" src="//"></script>
Please note that this script only appears if you enabled marker clustering in Map Mashup V7 and is typically located in thesection of your host page. We are working on a new solution to support this capability in a future release.