Release Notes

Enhancements to Caspio Webhooks

Caspio Webhooks allows your applications to communicate with third-party systems in real time when data changes occur.

With our latest enhancements available to non-HIPAA/Compliance accounts, webhooks can now be:

  • Sent based on table events initiated by triggered actions and tasks.
  • Configured for tables that have triggered actions enabled for the same event as the webhook.

Learn more about Caspio Webhooks.

Enhancements to Caspio Directories

Caspio Directories is our turnkey identity and access management for your app users.

We introduced the ability for app authors to choose a localization of user portal pages and emails. The currently available languages are English and Spanish.

Learn more about Caspio Directories.


Please note that the following features are approaching their retirement dates.

Learn more about deprecations and their retirement dates.

Bug Fixes

ID Area Description
230926 Data export Fixed issue with supporting Dropbox team folders for data export.
233905 Data export Fixed issue with exporting large tables with no data.
234253 DataPages Fixed issue with calculated values using localizations where the first day of the week is different than Sunday. Calculated values now process all localizations correctly, so calculation results of existing calculated values might change after Caspio 46.0.
235732 Tables Fixed issue with toolbar behavior after switching to Triggered Actions tab.